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There are many ways to stay fit and active. It can be overwhelming to know where to start with your fitness and/or strength journey. Our Personal Trainer can develop a bespoke training programme for you based on your goals. Your programme will be based on whatever equipment you have access to (home or gym)!

12 week training programme

This package includes:

  • A 1hr initial assessment reviewing your baseline fitness, health and lifestyle

  • Goal setting

  • Bespoke training programme based on your goals, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced

  • Access to your programme, video exercise demonstrations and goal tracker via an app

  • Weekly check in with your PT

  • Unlimited communication with your PT

At Home Workout
Strength Training

12 week nutrition and training programme

This package includes:​

  • 1hr nutrition consultation

  • 1hr fitness assessment

  • 12 week bespoke training programme

  • Weekly check-ins for the first month, fortnightly check ins during month 2 and 3

  • Access to your nutrition and training programme via an app

  • Unlimited communication with your Nutritionist and PT

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